Marinade it, Mop it, Dip it

Moma Dora's sauce will enhance your chicken, beef, pork, lamb, crab, fish, lobster, you name it.

This is a great tasting mustard sauce. It was simply too tasty to give it anything other than a 5 star rating. Way to go, Mama!
— Brian Henderson, BBQ Sauce Reviews

Mama Dora's age-old tradition


Born from regional influences of South Carolina, North Carolina and the Old Country, Mama Dora’s is uniquely Middle Georgia.

Using a base of vinegar, mustard seed, Worcestershire and a hint of tomato, Mama Dora’s barbecue sauce can be described as tangy, yet uniquely enhanced with just the right combination of delicate secret spices.

Mama Dora’s sauce is 100% authentic all-natural and has been prepared and served since 1928 at the Liberty Cafe in downtown Fort Valley, Georgia.